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        In 2012 Our Little Light Foundation came to fruition from the Carlsen family’s sincere love of giving back to the community in which they live. During the first family meeting in which Dale and Katy introduced Meghan and Joe to the concept of establishing a charitable foundation, the then 15- and 13-year-old kids said “What if we named it Our Little Light foundation?” This name, inspired by the children’s hymn “This Little Light of Mine”, represents our hope that this foundation serves as an outlet for our family’s love of the community and shines a light on incredible efforts to benefit children and families within that community and beyond. In 2017 we were pleased to add an additional member to our family advisory board, Chase Evans, who is Meghan’s husband and who also has a noteworthy heart for charitable giving of both time and resources and we are blessed to have him as an additional member.


        Over the years since that first meeting our foundation has grown from its first few grants to small organizations in the immediate Sacramento regions, to now extending throughout the state of California and occasional organizations outside of state borders. Our focus has always been in keeping with our mission of helping organizations that promote the health, well being, and education of children, youth, and families. Our family has learned so many things while on this journey of charitable giving and have had the honor to work in partnership with some amazing organizations doing this work every single day. Please click on the links present for our current grant recipients to see some of the examples of this work.

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