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Grant Application Deadline Dec 31st 

Grant Proposal: Please provide the following information in this order.

  1. Cover Letter- Must be on your organization's official stationary and should include the following:

    •  A brief description of your organization

    • The proposed program or project

    • The amount that you are requesting

  2. Background Information 

    • History and purpose of the organization

    • Primary population served by the organization

  3. Program Description

    • Detailed description of the proposed project or program including the goals and objectives.

    • The amount requested along with an explanation of how the funds will be used.

    • Evaluation plan

  4. Financial & Legal Information

    • Organization's financial statement for the prior fiscal year (ex: if the year is 2011, then we would require financial information from the year 2010).

      • Audited Financials and Tax Form 990 are required if your budget is over $2,000,000. Please include ALL pages and audit notes.

      • At least Tax Form 990 is required if your budget does not exceed $2,000,000.

    • Detailed program budget (if applicable)

    • A copy of your current year Profit & Loss Statement AND Balance Sheet

    • A copy of your organization's IRS determination letter-501(c)3 status

  5. Personnel Information

    • A brief introduction to the staff who will implement and work with the program

    • Officers and Board of Directors

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Thanks for submitting!

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